Trick or Treat: 20 Scary Halloween Jobs

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If you’re a Halloween lover, you’ve probably already chosen your costume and made your decorations. And this year you might even be thinking about finding a job as a side gig to make some extra cash on a spooky vacation.

After all, every major holiday brings a slew of seasonal jobs to town, and Halloween is no different.

So, if you want to make some money while having fun, check out these 16 Halloween Jobs You Can Also Do on a Part Time Basis!

1. Makeup Artist

average salary: $17 (£15) per hour

Halloween is the best time of year for an aspiring makeup artist. You can delve into crazy designs and create masterpieces with dramatic makeup! If you consider yourself an artist and have a makeup kit ready, start booking your diary with an appointment. You can even build a portfolio of your work and turn your hobby into a full-time business!

2. Pumpkin Carver

Average salary: $100–$500 (£86–£431)

Pumpkin carving has become a big deal in recent years, with many professional carvers making a big buck during the holiday season by creating highly detailed and uniquely carved pumpkins. According to the new Yorker You can earn over $100 per pumpkin! If you have artistic skills, you can make a real business out of this holiday tradition.

3. Entertainer

average salary: $195 (£168) per hour

Halloween is a popular time of year to entertain most kids. Depending on your task, you can incorporate some spooky surprises and perform at some Halloween parties. Think monster figurines, terrifying games, and scary giveaways to make kids scream (delighted, of course!).

4. Confectioner

average salary: $12 (£10) per hour

When you think of this spooky holiday, you automatically associate it with tons of candy, chocolates, and other sweet treats. And if you are skilled at creating cool designs that excite kids and adults alike, then you should consider becoming a confectioner. You can set up your own online store or take orders through verbal advertising!

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5. Costume Designer

average salary: $15 (£13) per hour

The habit of making new and interesting costumes during Halloween can serve you well. Thinking Cheat-type clothes and Addams Family-Quality dress. If you are a skilled tailor, you will delight a handful of customers with their custom-made garments.

6. Retail Sales Assistant

average salary: $11 (£9.50) per hour

If you want all the action to happen and help party-goers head out for their Halloween bash, working a retail sales assistant is the perfect job for you. You can recommend party bag fillers and costume options as well as advise your clients on how to do their hair and makeup!

7. Theme Park Workers

average salary: $11 (£9.50) per hour

Working at a theme park during Halloween has to be the best thing ever! The ride is made even more spooky with decorations and soundtracks, the staff is more hyped in its element, and everyone is there to have a good time. If you want to join the fun, you can shift work opportunities to your nearest theme park!

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8. Event Planner

average salary: $18 (£15.50) per hour

If you’re notorious for throwing great parties, then Halloween should be the best time of year for you! With so many props and decorations, you can turn an ordinary room into a haunted house with a graveyard and skeletons. Even if event planning isn’t your day job, don’t be afraid to go out and plan some parties.

9. Haunted House Spook

average salary: Stranger

Haunted houses have become an ‘in’ thing around Halloween. If you don’t mind scaring some people for a living, you can audition as an actor who comes out of the woodwork to scare people. If you think you can stay in character all night, why not consider this option to earn some extra money?

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10. Tour Guide

average salary: $12 (£10) per hour

If you are a qualified tour guide and have a good knowledge of your city’s history, you can lead tourists or locals on a Halloween-themed history tour. For example, the Jack the Ripper Tour in London is hugely popular around Halloween, taking you back to the horrific 19th century murders by infamous serial killers.

11. DJ

average salary: $39 (£34) per hour

Any Halloween bash needs a skilled DJ to make sure the party gets underway. Even though some famous theme tunes like “Ghostbusters” and “Monster Mash” should be on the list, repeating “Thriller” won’t get you a return gig. Instead, keep a list of the most popular Halloween songs and add them to your regular set.

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12. Pop-up Store Owners

average salary: Stranger

If you love all things Halloween and have a good supplier, you might consider opening your own pop-up store to make some extra money during the Halloween season. It doesn’t have to be big, but it should attract locals and tourists looking for props and costumes.

13. Choreographer

average salary: $30 (£26) per hour

With many TV shows and movies embodying the spirit of Halloween, many choreographers are required to put together dance routines for TV shows and theater plays. If you are a qualified dancer, then you too can join the task.

14. Ghost Hunters

average salary: Stranger

You might think that Ghostbusters are completely fictional, but they actually exist. Ghost hunters are usually hired by individuals who suspect paranormal activity in their buildings. Ghost hunters then use devices to communicate with the spirits to understand why they are there and then persuade them to move on.

15. Marketing Assistant

average salary: $15 (£13) per hour

Working in marketing can be a lot of fun when it comes to a vacation period. You can engage in Halloween campaigns and mix wacky ideas to attract customers to the product or service you’re selling.

16. Costume Character

average salary: $15 (£13) per hour

If you like to dress up and get into character, you should consider a career as a costumed character, where you usually get to perform as that person at a party or event. will be hired. On Halloween, you can be Uncle Fester, Chucky, or any other creepy character you have in mind.

17. Baker

average salary: $17 (£14.60) per hour

If you love baking up a hurricane, you’ll be busy throughout the Halloween period. Think eyeball biscuits, pumpkin-shaped cakes, and everything else in between. All you have to do to get started is set up an engaging social media account and promote your portfolio of delicious recipes.

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18. Face Painter

average salary: $19 (£16) per hour

Do you have a steady hand and a creative flair? Consider becoming a face painter during this spooky vacation. If you can work your magic to turn someone into a skeleton, bloodthirsty vampire or even their favorite Disney princess, you will be in high demand.

19. Craft Designer

average salary: $17.59 (£15.19) per hour

Are you good at making gift items? Halloween is a perfect time for you to shine! You can make cute bags or pouches for kids to hold their sweets, as well as gift baskets filled with delicious treats for people to buy for their loved ones.

20. Joker

average salary: $29 (£25) per hour

Jokers are popular during Halloween; They are hired to entertain at corporate gatherings or to intimidate people at public events. So, grab your wig and red nose and get into character!

final thoughts

If one of these posts has caught your attention, the next step is to update your CV and start applying for seasonal positions. You never know, your hobby may even turn into a full-time role!

Start a discussion! Which job on our list attracts you the most? Join the conversation below and let us know.

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