Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021

There are many success stories in India which almost go unnoticed around the world. Some of these success stories are of young entrepreneurs. They could think outside the box and came up with excellent ideas to start a venture. Today, his enterprises have also acquired global use.

In fact, the stories of some of these youngest entrepreneurs of India should serve as an inspiration to all those who are thinking outside the proverbial box and want to start a startup. These top 10 young entrepreneurs did not follow the traditional rules of business but became a hindrance in their respective industries.

List of Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2021

1. Byju Ravindran

Who hasn’t heard of BYJU’s learning apps? They advertise extensively on TV and other media. This large corporation was launched in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. The learning app is also well-known around the world due to its collaboration with the global entertainment major, The Walt Disney Company.

Today, the BYJU-Learning App is used by students from different countries across the globe to learn everything from simple school subjects to complex subjects in engineering and medicine or how to crack entrance exams.

Byju Raveendran did not aim to become a teacher. However, because of his skill in mathematics, many of his friends and neighbors would ask him to solve various problems in learning algebra and geometry. Soon, Byju Raveendran started taking classes informally which later became BYJU classes. Today, BYJU is a million dollar company and Byju Raveendran is one of them. youngest businessmen in india To watch in 2021.

2. Nitin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath

Nitin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath are the two youngest entrepreneurs in India. No one can know him by his name. These brothers are actually the founders and brains of India’s largest discount stock trading platform, zerodha.

He launched Zerodha from Bangalore in 2010 and in almost 10 years, has gained over 50 lakh users. In fact, almost all types of individuals who invest or trade in stocks, from experienced players to novices, use the Zerodha website or app.

Both the brothers were inspired by the fact that more and more people could become rich if they could trade in stocks and commodities without paying harsh commissions on the stock broking platform. And they also wanted to create a stock trading platform that was easy to use for everyone. Hence, he launched his flagship platform, Zerodha Kite for stocks and commodities and Zerodha Coin for mutual funds in 2010.

3. Ritesh Agarwal

Formation of Ritesh Agarwal Oyo Rooms When he was only 18 years old. While staying at a lodge in North India, Ritesh Agarwal was influenced by the idea of ​​rented accommodation for people of different budgets.

With this idea in mind, he dropped out of school in 2013 and founded OYO Rooms in Gurugram, Haryana in the National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi with just 11 residences.

Over the years, OYO Rooms went on to add more and more accommodation across India and is today one of the leading housing aggregators in the world, with a footprint across all continents. The company now has operations in about 100 countries.

In fact, OYO Rooms is now a global brand in India and competes with top accommodation aggregators like Airbnb of USA.

4. Tilak Mehta

Despite a setback in 2020 and 2021 due to the closure of most private and government offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tilak Mehta’s small venture, ‘Papers N Parcel’, remains a shining example of Indian ingenuity.

Papers N Parcel is an online courier company founded by Tilak Mehta. They deliver letters and documents to various offices in Mumbai within a few hours or a maximum of 24 hours.

To offer the service, Tilak Mehta tied up with some 500 ‘dabbawalas’ or community of Mumbai who deliver lunch parcels from homes to offices. These people deliver papers and parcels on behalf of the company. At last count, Paper N Parcel was delivering around 10,000 packages in Mumbai. Actually, Papers N Parcel is an app-based courier service and is unique in every way.

5. Sreelakshmi Suresh

Srilakshmi Suresh can really be called a wonderkind. Without much training in the field, Srilakshmi Suresh developed her first website when she was only six years old. Later, she designed a website for her school. Using his talents, he founded his first company called . known as e-design In 2009, at the young age of only 11 years.

Globally, Srilakshmi Suresh is recognized as one of the Youngest CEO in India And the youngest web designer. Now in her 20s, Sreelakshmi Suresh has founded another company, known as TinyLogo, which designs logos and other similar things for all kinds of businesses. He has been gifted with the art of designing websites. Now, his company also provides a range of digital marketing services to the clients.

6. Trishneet Arora

Now in her 30s, Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of a cyber security firm known as tac security. He started this company after a course in ethical hacking. His expertise in ethical hacking became so famous that Punjab Police had to enlist his services to solve several cyber crime cases. He did so successfully.

Today, TAC Security has major cyber security agreements with some of the top names in the Indian industry, including HDFC, Airtel, NPCA and Reliance Group. TAC Security also has clients around the world. Both the company and Trishneet Arora have won several awards for their cyber security services in India and abroad.

7. Akhilendra Sahu

Akhilendra Sahu started his venture ASTNT Private Limited at the age of just 17. Today, his venture is the parent company of several other IT companies. To gain insight into the IT industry, Akhilendra Sahu started working as a freelancer, doing all kinds of online jobs. With this experience, he decided to start his own venture, which is today one of the largest IT services companies in India.

Akhilendra Sahu is also known as “World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur”. His company now serves not only Indian customers but also foreign companies. The startup is also billed as one of the most successful in the world in the IT sector.

8. Divya Gandotra Tandon

Divya Gandotra Tandon is the founder and director of Scoop Beats Pvt Ltd. Ltd. His startup venture began as a passion to help others. Actually, Divya wanted to help people know more about anything they want to buy.

Hence, she started a YouTube channel named scoopbeats Where she will unbox various items and describe their features and uses to the public. Due to the nature of this channel and Divya’s excellent ways of describing things, the channel soon became a hit among Indians.

He is now a major influencer on Facebook and Instagram. Divya Gandotra Tandon works as an influencer with some of the top Indian and foreign brands in the local market. Some of the organizations she works for include Coolpad and Infinix. She has also worked with companies including Lazy Gardner, Aqua Connect, Ascent Technologies, IBM and others.

9. Farhad Acidwala

Farhad Acidwala is the founder of Rocksta Media and cybernative digital. The company provides a range of services such as web development and enhancements, advertising and marketing.

Farhad Acidwala started his venture at the age of 13 with an investment of a little over Rs 1,000. Later, he invested in a website and gave his company an online presence.

By the age of 17, Farhad Acidwala was invited to meetings and talk shows on CNN. He has won many awards in India for his work in the IT sector. The company provides web enhancement services to some of the largest corporations in India. Now in his 20s, Farhad Acidwala is another successful entrepreneurs in india You should see in 2021.

10. Sumit Shah

The founder and CEO of the popular shop app, Sumit Shah started his journey in 2014 at the age of 19. They decided that it is high time that people can order groceries online using a simple app.

The main impetus was large companies, which at that time took a lot of time to deliver groceries online. Instead, Sumit Shah decided to tie up with local kirana stores that could provide the fastest delivery in his own neighborhood.

Thousands of small grocery stores are now online thanks to the Dukan app. The app allows small businesses with limited or no budget to get a piece of the online grocery market. Since the delivery from the neighborhood store is fast and the rates are competitive, a large number of people are now using its Dukan app.

in conclusion

The stories of these youngsters prove one thing that age cannot stand in the way of becoming an entrepreneur. Most of these young entrepreneurs started their journey with startup ventures started with only small investment. None of them had a million dollars to invest or any help from outside sources for the money. That’s why these are the top ten entrepreneurs in India Which you should see in 2021.

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