My NSS Experience That Guided My Career Path

I am Amoako Siawa Eddie, recruited in Joberman Ghana. I have a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Business Studies, Accra.

I got the rare opportunity to do my national service with Joberman Ghana after doing an internship with the company for 3 months just after completing school in 2019.

Interestingly, I was the first person in the history of the company to be posted as a person of national service. This was between September 2019 and August 2020.

During my service, I learned a lot of skills, both soft and hard. I learned how to work in a team, improving my communication and presentation skills. I had the opportunity to learn from the sales and recruitment teams.

I learned how to work collaboratively on the cloud as it is our daily practice as a digital organization.

One thing that inspired me to move forward was the inspiration I got from my sales head, Samuel Atto Inc. He said “Either you count the days or you count the days.. I was left with the option to decide. It will decide whether I will be retained or given farewell after my service.

I had to bow down and work hard. I did my best, built good relationships, networked with people and by the grace of God I was retained after my service. it was not easy. There were days when sales went bad. In a few days, I achieved my goal and a lot of ups and downs.

My national service had an impact on my career path. I wanted to work in an accounting firm or something similar but I found myself doing human resources and recruiting. And here I am working full time as a recruiter and cv specialist in jobberman ghana. The journey has been great and I am enjoying what I am doing. One important thing that I am proud of is that I have improved my presentation and sales skills.

My advice to new graduates on how to serve”Either you count the days or you count the days. It should be a combination of hard work, perseverance and prayer.

Dear National Service Personnel, remember to take it one step at a time and you will definitely get there. When you get the opportunity to work at an organization you love, make an impact and let your work speak for you.

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Author: Amoko Siav Eddie (Recruiter, Joberman Ghana)

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