Dear HR: How do I know if a job is a scam

Dear HR,

From the past years, all the jobs for which I have had the opportunity to interview were through referrals. And luckily for me, I get a job after 2 or 3 interviews.

And the experience so far with the companies I’ve worked with has been great. But currently, I find myself in a situation where I have to look for a new job.

I know that these days employers have resulted in digital means of recruitment and job search has become a little easier for job seekers like me. I have friends who have found jobs online through your platform, but it seems there are others who have had very bad experiences with online job applications. In that, they got cheated in the process and I am currently scared of the jobs I get online.

Now on to my question, how do I identify a job as a scam?

worried job seeker,


HR response

dear amanda,

Finding jobs online has become a norm now. In this era of digitization, scammers are aware of the fact that people like you are in dire need of jobs. Hence, they find your frustration as a weakness, luring you to apply for fake jobs that are advertised online.

These scammers pretend to be legitimate employers and advertise fake jobs on trusted online job portals.

Often, it is difficult to spot or identify fraudsters who post fake jobs on credible job sites, as these fraudsters are unable to provide all the necessary information and credentials needed to advertise job roles on these job portals. are capable.

Some of these fraudsters go to the extent of making websites look legitimate by the public.

Hence, it is advised that job seekers should pay attention to the job description and details while applying for the job online. Here are the warning signs of a job scam.

1. Fake Job Offers

Have you ever received an offer letter from a company that you know very well that you have not applied for a job in their company? This is a sign of a scam job. If you get such offers, don’t entertain them.

This is one of the many ways in which scammers trick job seekers into paying unreasonable amounts of money for job promises.

2. You are asked to pay

Ideally, jobs should not be offered for a fee. Job offers are free. So as a job seeker, take note of this and beware of so called recruitment agencies that demand that you pay a certain amount to schedule for interview or to secure a job in a particular company. .

No legitimate company will ask a job seeker to pay money in favor of a job offer. this is wrong. If a company or recruiter requests that you pay and be paid, that is a sign of a scam job.

Sometimes these scammers use training to defraud job applicants. In the initial stages of the recruitment process, they lure job seekers with money for training which may seem relevant to the job seeker but in reality, nothing like this exists. This is scam.

3. The Salary Is Too Good To Be True

Better money compensation plays a high role in why people consider job offers. But, when looking for better opportunities, be careful who you deal with or opportunities that seem so tempting and too good to be true. As a professional looking for a job, you should at least have a fair idea of ​​the average salary for your job and experience level.

In a situation where the pay seems more outrageous than usual, this is definitely a sign of a job scam. Do not apply


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On behalf of job seekers, we also recommend that if you suspect that the job advertisement is fake, then report the said job to our Customer Experience Team.

Over the years, employers/agencies identified as fraudsters have been blacklisted and punished.

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