4 Steps (Plus Tips) to Working on High Visibility Projects

The term “high visibility” describes projects that attract public attention. High visibility projects can provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills to others. If you’re looking for a promotion or want to complete more challenging tasks, learning how to work on high-visibility projects can help you grow professionally. In this article, we explain the benefits of working on high-visibility projects, share how to work on these types of projects, and provide helpful tips for working on them.

Benefits of working on high visibility projects

There are many potential benefits to working on projects with a high degree of visibility. These projects can be a great way to accelerate your career, get a promotion, or land a new job. Some of the main benefits of working on high visibility projects are:

  • Providing your skills and knowledge to colleagues and management
  • becoming a leader in the workplace
  • To be recognized by top management and industry professionals
  • Presenting yourself as a valued member of the company
  • showing your willingness to work on new projects
  • Establish your reputation as an expert in an industry, subject or skill
  • Increase your chances of being considered for future assignments

How to Successfully Work on High Visibility Projects

Follow these four steps to identify and successfully work on high-visibility projects:

1. Identify High Visibility Projects

Learning to identify high-visibility projects is important so that you can look for future opportunities to work on them. You can do this by identifying current or past projects that are popular among your coworkers. This can give you a chance to identify the details and similarities of each project. Here are some common features of high-visibility projects:

  • addressed extensively during team meetings
  • Discussions inside and outside the office
  • Addresses company strategies and goals directly
  • affects many people
  • Includes important or high-profile clients
  • There is extensive media coverage

2. Ask to work on desired projects

If there is an interesting, high-profile project available and you have the necessary skills to work on it successfully, you can ask for the opportunity to be involved in that project. This could mean addressing your team leader or talking to management. Asking for this type of opportunity can show your initiative and willingness to work on new and complex tasks.

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3. Propose Your Own Projects

After gaining some experience working on high-visibility projects, you can even propose your own. Ask yourself what you can do to improve the workplace and imagine better ways to accomplish the current task. It can help you identify opportunities for improvement and propose solutions for management. For example, if you are familiar with software that can improve communication flow in the office, you can recommend it to administration and volunteer to lead the implementation of the new program.

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4. Discuss Project Results

After completing a high-visibility project, share the project results with your workplace to showcase your achievements. This may prompt management to choose you to work on future high-visibility projects. When communicating the successes of any project, you can use the opportunity to talk positively about the people who worked with you on the project and helped you accomplish your goals.

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Skills to work on high visibility projects

Some skills that can be useful when working on high visibility projects include:

  • creativity
  • work ethic
  • Organization
  • oral, visual and written communication
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • time management
  • adaptability
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Sympathy
  • Leadership and Group Management
  • Listening Skills
  • problem-solving and conflict resolution

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Additional Tips for Working on High Visibility Projects

Follow these tips to succeed in high-visibility projects:

  • Make projects with high visibility your priority. You can work on a high-visibility project while completing your regular work tasks. In this case, consider delegating part of your work to a coworker so that you have fewer responsibilities and help your coworker gain more recognition in the workplace.

  • Use project management software. Using project management software can make it easier for you to identify how your high-visibility project matches the company’s strategies. It can help you stay organized and measure how your individual project tasks are helping the company get closer to a larger goal.

  • Communicate your intentions to higher management. Be clear with management and let them know that you are interested in completing a more challenging task. Present your case to them and explain why you believe you are worth working on high-visibility projects, which may include soliciting recommendations from coworkers or managers.

  • Socialize with others. Getting to know more people in your company or your industry can increase your chances of being offered a position on a high-profile project. Consider volunteering to work on interdepartmental tasks, such as talking during work meetings, attending company events, and showing others that you are capable of working on a variety of tasks.

  • Ask to work on projects that require special skills. If you have specialized skills, you can be a valuable asset to some projects, so try to stay informed about high-visibility projects to which you can contribute. For example, if you currently write English articles for an international company but also speak French, you can volunteer to work on projects with the company’s French team.

  • Learn a new and useful project management skill. Think strategically about the types of skills that are useful in the workplace to help management keep you focused for high-visibility projects. These skills can be general skills, industry skills or technical skills that are related to your job and can help you succeed when working on high-profile projects.

  • Develop your confidence. Confidence is an important quality for working on high-visibility projects because management can discuss any successes and challenges you face. To develop your confidence, focus on your ability to successfully complete assigned tasks and consider writing down your completed goals to monitor your work achievements.

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