22 gifts you can buy for your mentor to show your appreciation

Whether you are an entry-level employee or have worked in your field for many years, you can benefit from the guidance provided by a mentor. A mentor is usually someone established in your industry whom you can depend on to ask questions or seek advice in your career. To show your appreciation for the support they provide, consider getting them a meaningful and personal gift. In this article, we review the various gifts to give a mentor and why it is important to do so.

Why give a gift to the Guru?

Giving a gift to a mentor can be important because it shows that you appreciate the guidance, support, and advice they can provide. Expressing your gratitude through a thoughtful gift can make their day better and make them feel inspired to take the time to help you when they need it. To demonstrate how much they mean to you, consider buying or making a personalized gift that you think they might enjoy based on what they know about their personality, characteristics, and goals.

21 Gifts for a Patron

Here are some gifts you can offer to your mentor as a way of thanking him for his guidance, support, and advice:

1. Desk Plant

Plants are a beneficial desk accessory because they can generally improve air quality, stabilize an employee’s stress levels and improve mood. Providing your master with a desk plant can enhance his day and add an eye-catching addition to his workstation. Desk plants can also symbolize how much you appreciate your mentor helping you grow and develop in your career.

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2. Mugo

A mug can be a practical gift that your mentor can use to fill up on coffee, tea or other liquids daily. If your mentor has a strong sense of humor, you might consider getting them a mug with a funny saying or quote on it. You can also buy a mug with an inspirational quote if your mentor inspires you regularly. For those with artistic and creative abilities, try painting the mug yourself to make it personal and unique.

3. Desk Organizer

To help your master stay organized and free of clutter, consider purchasing a desktop organizer. These can rest on a desk and offer areas for an employee to file and sort their documents so they are up close and easily recoverable. You can find and gift the right organizer for your patrons based on the types of items they use regularly. For example, if they have several pens scattered around their desk, give them an organizer that has multiple departments for pens.

4. Messenger or Laptop Bag

It can be easier and more practical to carry multiple office items in one messenger bag. If you see your advisor with piles of materials like paperwork, folders or notebooks, consider buying a stylish messenger bag for them to take their work items to and from the office. Some employees take their work laptops home to complete additional tasks in the evening or early morning. If your mentor does, you can make it easier to move their laptop back and forth by gifting them a laptop bag that fits snugly over their laptop.

5. Planner

You can make it easier for your advisor to complete multiple work items and provide them with an action planner to attend to multiple meetings each week. This allows them to write down their upcoming to-do items and create a schedule for the week. Receiving a gift like this can motivate them to try and write down their tasks each week, making them more organized and reducing their stress levels.

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6. Stationery Set

If you know your mentor enjoys writing, consider getting a personalized stationery set. This can include pen and paper with their name already printed on them to make it easier to write letters or print out memos. As you find pens to engrave, try to find high-quality pens that will last a while to make sure they last and understand that you have purchased a valuable, long-lasting item for them. Took time.

7. Desk Sign

You may feel that your master needs extra decorations on his desk. If so, consider purchasing a desk sign that has a motivational or encouraging quote. This can be a useful message for them to see if they are struggling with a task or need help developing a solution to a complex problem. If your mentor loves funny things, you can get a desk sign that matches his sense of humor and makes him feel happy on challenging work days.

8. Mouse Pad

Some individuals may have to provide their own desktop accessories, such as mouse pads if the company does not already offer or fund these. Mouse pads can be practical gifts for mentors that they can use to navigate the applications on their computers more easily. They may find that your gift helps them improve their efficiency and productivity because a pad allows them to move their mouse around with ease.

9. Footrest

You can support the ergonomics of your mentor’s office with a footrest they can place under their desk for all-day comfort. Some people use fabric or memory foam, which can be great fabrics to rest their feet on after traveling for business or attending multiple meetings. Footrests can often help improve a worker’s posture and allow blood circulation to flow more easily to their feet and the rest of their body.

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10. Gift Cards

Consider asking your mentor if they have a favorite store or restaurant in the area or online. Do research to determine if these businesses have gift cards available and consider buying one to thank your patrons. This lets them know that you care about their interests and allows them to buy free or discounted meals for themselves or their family.

11. Subscription Box

If you notice that your mentor is working too many late or overtime shifts, you can encourage them to take breaks and allow extra time for themselves with a self-care subscription box. You can usually buy these boxes online and customize them according to your master’s preferences. You can buy a variety of subscription boxes for your advisor, depending on their hobbies or preferences, such as skin care products, meal kits or books.

12. Protein and Vitamins

Some patrons may spend many hours of their days, evenings and weekends working, which can make it challenging to get the proteins and vitamins their bodies need. You can help them maintain strong health, whether they have busy schedules by gifting vitamins that you know they use regularly or need more, if they tell you so. It lets them know that you care about their health and encourages a balanced and fit lifestyle.

13. Candles or Essential Oils

There may be moments in the office when your mentor may feel overwhelmed or stressed by the number of tasks he has to do. You can provide them with essential oils, diffusers or candles to help them feel relaxed while working. Consider asking them what their favorite scent is and use this information to choose a candle or essential oil flavor that best suits them.

14. Note Pad

If you notice that your mentor is coming to meetings without paper or note pads, consider buying these to help them feel more prepared. It can also be a beneficial gift to offer to mentors who regularly write notes during presentations or while talking with you. Providing this gift shows that you pay attention to their work ethic and care enough to give a gift that supports it.

15. Desk Nameplate

There may be some employees known by their coworkers who don’t have nameplates on their desks yet. You can buy a unique nameplate for your guru that is customized with their name and title on it. To help it stand out from the others, try to match the interior of the office better with the mentor’s favorite colors or with the colors of the brand.

16. Bookend

If you know your mentor enjoys reading and has books displayed near their desk or in their office, consider getting them bookends to support their reading material. They can display their book collection in an attractive and creative fashion that visitors can enjoy seeing when they visit your mentor. Bookends can also represent how helpful and helpful your advisor has been to you during your time in your role.

17. Desk Shelf

To give your advisor more space to display or store different personal or work items, try buying or making them a desk shelf. These usually provide cubbies for your master to hold your belongings and organize your stuff for easy finding and access. Some desk shelves are also more easily adjustable to fit at the patron’s desk or fit into their office.

18. Laptop Desk

If your mentor regularly works from home, you can get a laptop desk to make it easier and more convenient to accomplish this. A laptop desk is usually a portable desk on which they can place their laptop and easily rest on their feet or on the floor. Some laptop desks are also adjustable, making it easier for employees to view their screens and sit in a comfortable position.

19. Journal

Your mentor may have many ideas, suggestions or notes that they want to share with you throughout the day. A journal can make it easier for them to remember to write down their thoughts quickly and share them with you later. Some magazines may already have prompts to help ignite your creativity or ideas so that you can explore it with you later.

20. Business Card Holder

To help improve your mentor’s networking abilities, you can offer them a business cardholder. These are usually small enough to carry in a pocket and can be retrieved whenever an employee sees a potential connection with whom they wish to be reunited. You can usually find engraved business card holders or those with a sleek leather design for a professional look.

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21. Customize Map

Another decorative gift you can provide to your advisor is a map that is customized for their state. If they are from another state, you can get them a well designed and creative map of the area they are looking from to give them fond memories of home. It can show that you care about both their work and their personal lives.

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